Ask Your Representatives to CoSponsor Oncology Payment Reform Bill H.R. 1934

Created on: Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reach out to all the Representatives in districts where your patients live and ask them to cosponsor the bipartisan oncology payment reform bill H.R. 1934, the Cancer Care Payment Reform Act of 2015.

During the past several years, community oncologists have developed the Oncology Medical Home (OMH) and have partnered with insurers to pilot novel payment reform systems tied to the OMH concept. The results have been nothing short of remarkable — better patient outcomes and substantial cost savings to insurers and cancer patients. H.R. 1934 builds off of the OMH model, those private insurer payment reform pilots, and the alternative payment model framework in bipartisan Medicare reform. The aim of H.R. 1934 is to modernize the way cancer clinics are reimbursed in order to develop better treatment outcomes and cost efficiency that will benefit both cancer patients and taxpayers. 

H.R. 1934 was developed based on input from oncologists and practice administrators actually involved in implementing oncology payment reform, as well as stakeholders representing patients, payers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and drug distributors. It is intended to provide a framework for enhancing the quality of cancer care based on important identified elements of quality cancer care and also for improving cost efficiencies, without being overly prescriptive to oncology professionals.

H.R. 1934 provides an important alternative to the CMMI Oncology Care model, which is limited to only 100 practices. 

Here is a summary of H.R. 1934 and here is the actual bill.

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