New York Medicaid Cuts

Created on: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Community oncology practices from across New York State are raising the alarm about the adverse impact that Medicaid payment cuts will have on patients with cancer who are covered under Medicare and are also eligible for Medicaid.

Recent changes to the State of New York’s Medicaid reimbursement policy for patients dually-eligible for Medicare and Medicaid will hurt community oncology practices and the patients with cancer they serve. If action is not taken immediately, access to care for patients with cancer in New York will suffer greatly.

We need immediate, decisive action from Governor Cuomo, the State Legislature, and even Congress to fix cancer care today if we want to have any hope of finding a cure tomorrow.

Learn more:

  1. A brief detailing the impact New York Medicaid cuts will have on patients and practices.
  3. Testimony given to the New York State Senate. 
  5. Initial letter submitted by community oncology practices to the New York State Department of Health.
  7. Reply letter from the New York State Department of Health confirming the payment cuts.
  9. Follow-up letter from NY oncology practices to the State Department of Health.
  11. Study from UC Davis showing disparities in cancer care and outcomes for dual eligible patients.



  1. Newsday: "Just Sayin’: Threat to cancer centers."
  3. Queens Courier: "Queens cancer patients may lose community cancer clinics due to budget cuts."
  5.  Capital Tonight: "Consequences of NY Reimbursement Policy." 
  7. Inside Health Policy: "New York Oncologists Fight Against Proposed Medicaid Reimbursement Cuts." (Subscription required)


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